Upcoming Seminar on Biblical Creation

This is a church event at which accredited Creation Ministries International speaker Joel Tay will give a presentation of the veracity of the creation acount in the Bible. This presentation demonstrates how the Gospel message is rooted in the book of Genesis and provides evidence to support the reliability of the Biblical record of origins of humanity and the universe.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will be available before and after the service.

About Joel Tay

Saved at a young age, Joel had many nagging doubts about the Bible & what he had been taught about evolution. Now he has two Master's degree in Theology & Divinity—specializing in Systematic Theology. Joel is well equipped to speak on science & the problems with evolutionary theory as his science training encompassed degrees in Evolutionary Biology & Genetics.

Joel also served with open-air street evangelism ministries, such as Campus Crusade & the Singapore-based Operation 513. The questions he received during this time, reinforced his belief that Christians need to be equipped with biblically sound, creation-based answers to not only protect their families but to also reach the lost.

You too will be surprised to hear just how much support there is for taking the Bible’s account of history at face value. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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